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Pre-seed and seed phase, continuous support until growth stage and exit. We invest between 25.000 and 250.000 EUR in the first round.

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Markets we like: Software, software engineering, mobile services, media, media technology and EdTech as XaaS solutions in the B2B space.

Who we are

Who we are

Early-stage VC. Networker. Software & Tech. Media. Education. Opportunity driven.




Project Flying Elephant is a Berlin-based incubator by WestTech Ventures focused on tech-savvy teams which build outstanding products.

Portfolio Overview



Masoud Kamali

Masoud Kamali is Managing Director and Founder of WestTech Ventures as well as Founder of S&S Media Group. An international entrepreneur by heart who has built the media group from scratch since 1995.


Alexander Kölpin

Alexander Kölpin is Managing Director and Partner at WestTech Ventures. He has co-founded the Berlin Web Week as well as the German Startups Group and is active in the German Startups Association and other networks.


Fabian Leipelt

Fabian Leipelt is Associate at WestTech as well as Program Manager at Project Flying Elephant. He graduated from the University of Leipzig and gathered experience working for Groupon in Germany and Australia.


Elke Jacobson

Elke Jacobson works as Executive Assistant at WestTech Ventures. She keeps a close look at finance, HR and bookkeeping. After graduating from university she gained experience as a Project Assistant and Manager in lobby organizations.

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